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Friday, August 26, 2011

Emotionally Exhausted

Well, after moving Tasha to the dorms last week, the a/c issues, car issues, and family issues, I am emotionally exhausted! The a/c quit again on Sunday. We turned it off for a while and then turned it back on and it came back on. The repairman came on Monday and was going to replace the fan motor. After looking at it, he decided that he would try just cleaning out everything first. That seems to be working so far (prayers going up, up, up!). My husband's dad fell last Saturday and they finally figured out yesterday that he broke his hip so he will be having surgery today. I'm so glad we know what is going on now. Please pray for him as he has surgery today and recovers.

Other than that, not much going on. Because of the car issues and my father-in-law being in the hospital, I haven't been able to do any coupon shopping this week. Hoping to do that tomorrow morning. REALLY need to get some food, etc. in this house. LOL!

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Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

You quit praying for patience, right?? Just kidding, hope things go well with the surgery and that you a/c continues to work!! Hang in there, it is friday. :)