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Friday, August 19, 2011


When we got home from moving Tasha to the dorms last night, it was 88 degrees in our house. The unit was running, but nothing was blowing out of the vents. I had to close today because of a licensing rule that I have to keep the house 80 degrees and under. Couldn't afford it, but well...there it is. Called the repairman and he came out this morning. We turned the unit on and of course, it fired right up. It's still 85 in here, but I'm hoping it will cool down over night. I'm not sure whether to be relieved that it came on or worried about if/when it's going to happen again. He thought maybe the fan motor overheated and shut off.

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Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

You didn't pray for patience did you?? :)