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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bargains and Updates

Well, I was finally able to do some grocery shopping on Saturday. I am so grateful for my stockpile of food, it made it easier to deal with being unable to shop last week. With Tom going to the hospital to see his dad and the other car being on the fritz, it got put off till Saturday.

Tide single loads, 97 cents at Wal-Mart, had $1 off coupons, FREE!
Dial liquid hand soap, 4/$5 at United (price matched at Wal-Mart), 90 cents each with 35 cent off coupons
I also picked up some games on the clearance aisle to put back as Christmas presents.

Degree deodorant, on sale 2/$4 with a $1 Register Reward. 75 cent off coupons made them $1.25 each, then with the RR's, they will end up being 75 cents each.
Mitchum deodorant, on sale 1.99 each, 75 cent off coupons, $1.24 each
Dawn dish liquid, on sale for 99 cents, 50 cent off coupons made it 49 cents

Tom's dad seems to be doing well, they have moved him to another hospital for therapy now.

The car is still on the fritz, going to call mechanic after checking battery/cables one more time.

Tasha seems to be doing well at college. It was really weird going grocery shopping without her, she always went with me and helped me.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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