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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Years and Days 35, 36, 37, & 38 and frustrations

As you may have already guessed, I am feeling super frustrated right now. The computer is back up and running, Tom was able to switch out a CD ROM drive from another computer so I could get stuff reinstalled. That was a relief. That didn't end up costing us any $'s, but sure cost us time, energy, and frustration. The recovery we did wasn't supposed to lose any data, but it seems to have anyway. But, that's life! Our main concern right now is coming up with the $500 to get the Mitsubishi back from the body shop when it's done. We've managed to come up with $110 so far. It may be done by the end of this we are on a schedule. I tried offering date night child care Friday night (and I"m offering it again next Friday night), I only had one child though. Then we were supposed to clean a friend's truck yesterday, but the weather put a damper (literally, LOL!) on that. I tried listing some stuff to sell, haven't sold anything. You know, sometimes I just wish things would go easy for us. Wait, I'm sounding whiny. I hate it when I sound whiny.

Bottom line...we need prayers more than anything.


Di said...

I feel your pain, and I wish there was more I could do to help. Offering encouragement won't help you get the car fixed. I know you are trying, and all I can say is don't give up!

Mandy said...

You are making a good effort! Hopefully you get more kids this Friday and maybe some items sell. I will keep you in my prayers and good luck!

KiddoKare1 said...