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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Years & 40 days and goals

Well, with all of the computer problems last week, I obviously did not get taxes done. I did get Tasha's done Sunday evening after we got the computer back up and running. They have been filed and the refund wait has begun. So, I need to work on mine & Tom's taxes. AND I need to get with Serenity and get hers done (Josh's were done before all of this). So I'm making progress. My goal is to work the next couple of evenings on getting things organized to get mine & Tom's done.

Why does it seem that money stress never ends? The prom is fast approaching and Tasha hasn't been able to look for a dress yet because I haven't been able to put any money back for her to go look. We've got to get the money for the car and we've also got to get money in the emergency fund, and we've got to get money to buy Tasha a prom dress. I'm not sure how our taxes will turn out, maybe that will help at least a little bit with some of this. I can dream anyway.


Anonymous said...

Keep your faith! Things will fall in to place when they are supposed to. Don't let the stress get you out of focus =) (I'm having to remind my self of this a lot lately with school...)

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks, Hiley. How is school going?