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Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 Years & 14 Days and Wintry Weather

Well, I waited and watched all day for the huge winter storm we're supposed to be getting. It has finally snowed some tonight, but that's it. Not that I"m complaining, mind you. Being cooped up inside with these kids is not a lot of fun. LOL.

Anyway, I grabbed frozen pizzas at the store for supper last night, but was feeling well enough to actually cook tonight. So hopefully my asthma situation will continue to improve.

Stay warm and safe!


Anonymous said...

Asthma's not fun. It feels like there's an anvil sitting on my chest. Since my body isn't getting enough oxygen, it makes everything harder to do, and I'm pretty much exhausted until I'm better. Hope you're better soon too.

KiddoKare1 said...

THAT is exactly how I feel! I didn't develop asthma until I was an adult and it may sound weird, but I"m glad to know that the exhaustion is a symptom. That is actually a huge relief to me. Hope you are feeling better.