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Friday, January 15, 2010

2 years & 1 day and the journey continues

Well, first a praise on us! We have done really well with eating at home in the last week. I cannot get over how easy it is to fall back into the bad habit of eating out so frequently. I don't think we were doing it as frequently as before, but we had been doing it too much. Why are bad habits so hard to break and good habits so hard to do?

Di mentioned in a reply to yesterday's post that she knew I had wanted to give up in the last year. And here I thought I'd hidden that really well. HA! Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a transparent person. LOL. Anyway, she's right. Tom had asked me the other day if I'd lost interest in the blog. No, I haven't, but I've been so discouraged that it's been hard to write. People don't want to come here everyday and read my whining. I don't even want to write my whining. A little whining is okay, but I'd been feeling whiny most of the time. So it had been really hard for me to write consistently. Now that we're making an effort to rededicate ourselves to these principles and get back in the groove, I'm hoping I will find hope again and be able to write better.

Last, I need to work on some bookwork this weekend and Tom & I have some other projects we want to work on around the house. My goals for the weekend are:
1. Go through our books.
2. Do parent totals for 2009 to give out for parent's tax information
Those are the main two. In addition, I hope to get some work done in the office and get it looking halfway presentable again. Hope everyone has a super weekend. I'll try to remember to check in and post, but if I don't, hopefully it's because I'm actually getting something accomplished.

Oh, and P.S.: Rather than try to figure out where I goofed up on counting my days, I decided to go from yesterday's 2 year blogiversary and count 2 years + x days. Then next year, I can do 3 years, etc.

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