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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 415 and American General Finance

Okay, so I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had paid off our American General Finance note. We got our lien releases for the van a couple of weeks later, but not the one for the car. I called and kind of got the runaround. Then another lady called back and told Tom (I wouldn't answer the phone because I was too annoyed) that he could come by and get it. So he went to get it the next day. It was just a copy of the title with a note that they were releasing the lien. We don't know if this is because Tom's car has a tribal tag or what. Now that a few weeks are passed, I'm going to have Tom call the tribe and make sure THEY have the record that the lien is released. Anyway, sorry, I digress from the point of my story.

Last week, American General Finance starts calling (not the office in Enid but an out of state number). Turns out they want to find out if we want to consolidate some bills, maybe borrow $5,000-$10,000 to do that? I tell them no and ask them to take us off their calling list. On Saturday, they call again. Tom tells them we are not interested (I had forgotten to tell him that I had asked them take us off their calling list). Monday, the Enid office calls and tells me that someone had talked to Tom over the weekend and thought we might be interested in borrowing some money. No, I tell them, in fact, I asked to be removed from the calling list last week. She tells me it takes 30 days to get removed from the calling list. Now is it just me or does that seem like an inordinately long amount of time? Really? I'm guessing it's computerized, and all they have to do is go in and delete or name. The cynical side of me thinks that they think if the call enough times over the next month that they will catch us in a weak moment and we'll say yes. Am I too cynical? Does 30 days seem like a long time to anyone else?


Mom Thumb said...

Oh, you KNOW they can do that in less than a minute. I have NEVER been taken off any calling list and I've asked a lot of people to do it. Thank God for call ID, I don't answer my phone 80% of the time.

KiddoKare1 said...

UGH. Well, legally, they are supposed to take you off if you ask. Of course...who is going to stop them? The phone police? I love caller i.d., too, I ignore the phone a lot also!