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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 514 and burnout

I have felt so rundown and exhausted this week and it took me a few days to realize that I was hitting a burnout phase. I go through these every once in a while with my job and other commitments, I'm guessing that everyone does. So I picked up my favorite book on burnout for child care providers: Finding Your Smile Again by Jeff A. Johnson and started reading it again today. Jeff uses this description from Beverly Potter about burnout: "a loss of enthusiasm, a surrendering of ambition, a sense of resignation that consumes the spirit and can even lead to physical ailments. Burnout is a stressful process accompanied by declining performance, people problems, feelings of meaninglessness, negative emotions, frequent illness, and a propensity to engage in substance abuse". Sadly a lot of that describes very well what I've been feeling lately. Summertime can be a hard time for me. I've got older kids all day long who can be harder to keep busy and present other challenges. I have just finished up my classes for the school year a few weeks ago and I always feel a weird "let down" feeling when I am done. My child care associations and mother's club take a break for the summer. Those breaks are much welcome and needed, but I end up feeling a little bit at loose ends. I know, I'm weird! I'm feeling a bit discouraged with our financial journey, it seems like we're just treading water and not really making any progress. So now that I know what's wrong with me, I go about working towards fixing it. I could use some good thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


Di said...

Mandy and I were worrying about you last night, because your blog has been so "down" lately. I am glad you are working on picking up your spirits! Between the burn out and Tom's job problems , I know it is hard to keep your spirits up. If you are at least "treading water" with your financial journey, and not drowning, that is something to be grateful for. I know it is hard, but hang in there and it should get better.

KiddoKare1 said...

Yeah, well I'm worried about drowning this summer. But all I can do is pray!