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Monday, April 27, 2009

Days 467, 468, 469 and what a weekend!

The good news is between 6 teenagers spending the night with Tasha on Saturday, 5 of them sticking around all day Sunday (and 3 spending the night again on Sunday night because they couldn't get home) thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and getting stuck at church due to flooding roads, I was able to get my homework done and submitted this weekend. Today starts my last units for this semester. WOOHOO!!!!

Anyway, let's back up. Tasha and her group of friends had a sleepover here on Saturday night. There were supposed to be 8 girls but one couldn't make it. She was coming later in the evening, but by then it was storming and the road between here and where she lives was already closed. It started storming here early in the evening. At one point, the storm sirens blew, but luckily there wasn't much going on at that point and we didn't end up down in the storm shelter. It continued raining and storming and hailing throughout the evening. Around 8:15, we lost power for about an hour. I had finished one of my papers earlier so when the power came back on and it wasn't storming at the moment, I rebooted the computer and got that paper turned in. At the same time, I e-mailed the other professor and told him what was going on in case we lost power or anything and I could not get the other paper turned in on time. I stayed up until 12:30 watching weather and it looked like things were finally calming down for us so I went ahead and went to bed. About 1:00 a.m., the storm sirens blew again. One of the girl's moms picked her up and took her up to the storm shelter here in town, and the other 6 girls and I went down to the storm shelter in our basement. We were down there until almost 3:00 a.m. and then spent another hour watching the weather after they blew the all-clear, just to make sure it was safe to go to bed. I got up and went to church because I had agreed to teach the youth girl's Sunday school class. One of the girls who lives near the church went with me. We got there fine, but we had to go a different way than usual because the road I usually take was flooded. After church, I headed home and when I turned onto the road I had taken earlier, it said "road closed". I thought "uh-oh, that was not there earlier!". Sure enough, now that road was flooded too! I was so tired, still had all that homework to do and I just burst into tears. I called Tom and then I called the preacher who had me come back to the church. He had to go to Enid and he was able to get his pickup through the water and got me home (but my van is still at the church). He did not think my van would have made it though. So I got home, got my homework done and turned in, and was able to do a little relaxing last night. Three of Tasha's friends had to spend the night again because roads were flooded where they could not get home.

All in all, quite an interesting weekend! How was yours?


Mom Thumb said...

I wrote about our weekend on the blog, not quite as intense as yours, although the weather radio woke me up about twenty times Saturday night. We went to Wichita yesterday and had to take I-35 up instead of our usual route because of all the road closings. There were massive amounts of water, both standing and running. Looks like we are in for more.

KiddoKare1 said...

I don't know Linda. I just went and read about yours and it looks pretty intense too!