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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 367 and why I started this blog

I thought I would talk tonight about why I started this blog in the first place. A year ago, when we started the Financial Peace class for the second time, I had all these thoughts cluttering my head. Thoughts about getting out of debt, getting caught up on all or our bills, wondering if we could do it. Wondering how to do it. So I decided to start a blog. For one thing, it gave me a way to express what I was feeling and thinking and for another, it gave me some accountability partners out in the world. It's been good for me to write it and it's been very uplifting to have people share with me that I have inspired them.

We had already been through the Financial Peace class with not much success. A few months before we started the class, we had re-committed ourselves to the principles and we were already doing better, but still struggling. A year after our second FPU class started, we are doing even better, but still struggling. So I continue to write and share and hope and pray.

I hope this made at least a little bit of sense. I took a muscle relaxer for my back earlier and I think I might sound a little loopy. LOL.

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