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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 258 and in pain today

Yesterday morning before I exercised, I felt my back pop and it felt kind of weird. After the stressful day yesterday, I guess some muscles must have seized up because I turned over the middle of the night and was woke up by excruciating pain in my shoulder blade. Anyway, it has hurt all day long, especially if I do something silly like turn my head. LOL. Anyway, I took a muscle relaxer after coming back from Enid and Tom rubbed it and that has helped some. It does still hurt tonight, but I am working on my homework before I go to bed. I have one assignment done and submitted and another one finished pending proofreading (without a muscle relaxed brain, LOL). But I still have rough drafts of my final papers for both classes to write plus other assignments. So...progress but still a ways to go. Keep me in your thoughts!

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