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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 255 and Congratulations to Tom!

I want to congratulate my sweet husband! He won the chili cook-off at work today so he'll be taking his yummy chili downtown for the big cook-off. Way to go honey! He doesn't know yet what he won (besides a day off to go downtown). He changed up his recipe a bit this year. It was still really good, just a little different.

I've got grades back on most of my homework: 95/100 on both of my Dynamic Universe (science) papers, 96/100 on the online quiz in that class, and 46/50 on one of my Human Arrangements papers (still waiting on the other grade in there). I got full credit on both my course spanning tasks towards my final projects in those classes. So things are going pretty good in my classes.


Di said...

Tell Tom congratulations from me, and good luck at the big cook-off. I would call him but voice is gone AGAIN!!!! Hopefully it won't be for long. You know how frustrating and difficult it is for me not to talk. And congrats to you, too. I am so impressed with the schedule you are able to keep!

Mom Thumb said...

We had a chili cookoff at YFS and I was planning to make Tom's chili (per the recipe you put on your blog in April). I ended up not having time to make it. If it had won, there would have been two versions of Tom's chili at the United Way cookoff! I'm looking forward to tasting his, I remember how good it was!

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks Di! I told him. I hope your voice is doing better today.

Linda, that would have been funny. LOL. Tom did change his recipe up a bit this year so they wouldn't have been totally alike.