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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 184 and is the moon full already?

I didn't think it was time for the full moon yet, but my kids were sure acting like it was this morning. My goodness!

Anyway, thanks for all the words and thoughts of encouragement. I am just really struggling right now and I can't put my finger on what the bottom line is. I know I'm upset because I've had one opening most of the summer. I'm losing another child to pre-k next month. I've had one interview and several phone calls, but nothing has come through as definite yet. Instead of handing it over to God, I seem to want to be holding onto it and worrying about it. I'm actually wondering if there's something hormonal going on with me as emotional as I've been lately. Anyway, enough of that. What do I always say I need to do when I'm feeling down? Count my blessings! So here we go! I'll try to think of some I haven't named before:

1. We have a trustworthy mechanic who goes above and beyond for us on our vehicles!
2. We are blessed with family members who own an auto parts store and sell us parts at cost!
3. No matter how much Josh's car ends up costing, we still have Josh and he's irreplaceable!
4. Serenity came and got Natasha to go stay with her for a couple of days, which I thought was very sweet!
5. Vacation is 3 1/2 days away!


Di said...

I don't think the full moon is until Friday, but it has been crazy around here, too. Thank you for considering us a blessing!

KiddoKare1 said...

Well, I guess I'm glad to here that it's not just crazy here, LOL!

Of course you're a blessing!