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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Days 307 and 308 and a lotion update

Ok, here's the latest on the lotion. This week I used the Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion. Out of the three I have used, I think I am most impressed with it mainly because I only used it once a day at bedtime and my hands were still in pretty good shape at the end of the week. They were a little dry, but no cracked swollen spots. Since it was pretty chilly all week, I thought that was pretty good. This week I'm going to start again with the Gloves in a Bottle since it should be cool most of the week and we'll see how that goes. At this point, I'm thinking the most important thing with any of them is actually remembering to put them on! Before this experiment, I was pretty bad at remembering to put lotion on until my hands were already hurting and cracking.

Women of Faith was awesome and almost indescribable. Have you ever gone through something so emotional that you just almost cannot talk about it? That's how Women of Faith was for me this year. I'll try to share more through the week as I process all my emotions.

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