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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 314 and another lotion update

So for those of you that are following my attempt to find a lotion that keeps my hands from cracking, and bleeding, and generally looking like I'm about 100 years old, here's the latest update.

This past week, I used the Gloves in a Bottle again. I am so pleased with this stuff. It worked great, by the end of the week, my hands hadn't cracked at all and they were pretty soft, especially for me. Next week, I'm going to use the Skin MD Natural again and see how it does using it once a day as suggested. I'll keep you posted. Out of any of the three products that I've tried, I would recommend any of them. They've all worked pretty well, and my hands have been in pretty decent shape the last few weeks. With the cold, windy weather we've had, that's been amazing. I'll keep everyone informed as the weather gets even colder how things are going.

No word yet on Josh's car. The mechanic was able to drive it up onto the trailer so I'm hoping that is a good sign. Anyway, please keep praying and sending those good thoughts.

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