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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 245 and Forgiveness

Today our Sunday school lesson centered on forgiveness. The lesson was in Matthew where Jesus tells the story of the king who forgave his servant a huge debt, but the servant would not forgive a much smaller debt of someone else. Which of course brings me to my problem from last week and what to do about it. So far I haven't been able to do anything because anything that has come to mind is neither Christian nor professional. However, how can I not forgive someone something so small when I was forgiven so much? The answer is, I have to forgive. That does not mean that I have to let it happen again, but I do have to forgive them. Forgiveness is a hard thing, isn't it? It shouldn't be. But it is. It's something I struggle with everyday. So...continue to pray for me as I work to forgive and move on.

For those of you in my neck of the woods, wasn't the sunshine wonderful today? With the breeze, it felt like a fall day. I cannot believe that the first day of fall is just a few days away!


Mom Thumb said...

Just remember that forgiveness is not the same as condonement. :-)

And yes, the weather is wonderful. Last night was beautiful once the wind died down and that big moon came out.

Di said...

Sometimes, you just have to learn to accept people for who they are. They don't always have the same definition of "truth" and "lies" that we do. Responsibility also seems to have several different interpretations to people. I know several people like that. I am glad you are trying to move past it. The weather is wonderful, but did we even have a summer this year???

KiddoKare1 said...

That's true, Linda. It's sometimes hard to separate the two.

Di, you make a very good point. It makes me think of a certain club member several years ago who lied so much that she believed her own lies. I never understood it. I tend to be too honest. LOL!

Heidi said...

Hey there,
If it makes you feel any better, I had a situation with my own business in which one of my clients was refusing to pay me. The forgiveness issue hits us in everyday events like this, and like you I am continually challenged to be compassionate when wronged. But recently I read in the book, "The Shack," that forgiveness really is about being willing "to take your hands from the throat of the other person." From there, God works within your heart, even if you have to ask for the willingness to forgive regularly. Eventually, the wrong done to you doesn't even matter. You just sort of forget about it!
It's a miracle the way that works.
Oh, and a PS on my client situation:
Today I got a check in the mail for everything owed to me, except for $125. I am not going to quibble over that small amount. It's enough that the person went ahead and did what was right. Makes "forgiveness" easier when the person comes half-way, but believe me when I say that I think God must have stepped in and moved his heart to pay me.
Just keep trusting Him and He will help you with this!

KiddoKare1 said...

Thank you, Heidi. And I'm glad to hear you got most of your $'s from your client. That's good news!