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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 228 and August is Back

So anyone notice that August is back with a vengeance? LOL. I sure was enjoying those cool mornings and in the 80's days. But it is August after all. It looks like we might cool back down a bit next week, so that would be nice.

When Tom gets back from making a deposit today, we'll have $230 in our baby EF. Go us! I got my $25 check for reviewing toys today so that will go into the EF. We could be getting close to $400 by the end of next week! Just knowing that it's not $0 anymore has given me a great peace of mind. Since I have two drop-ins coming right now, I'm putting all that money into the baby EF until we get it built back up. Then I'll start putting that money towards our debt on top of what we're already paying.

Tonight I have my first Grant Co. child care association meeting of the year. Things are really starting to get busy for me!


Mom Thumb said...

Totally not enjoying the returning hot weather. Makes me wish I were back in the Boundary Waters. Congrats on the EF - I know you were getting discouraged, but you worked through it and you're doing great!

KiddoKare1 said...

Yes, I was getting discouraged and it was scary being at zero in the EF. Ugh.

Those pictures are so beautiful.