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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 227 and the Wal-Mart Clearance Aisle

I love the Wal-mart clearance aisle. Sometimes you can find great bargains there. Sometimes you can find junk you don't need there. LOL. But recently, I came across some plastic water bottles marked down to 25 cents each. Since my kids are always hollering for a drink of water when we're outside, I bought a bunch of them, put their names on them, and now we've got water with us wherever we go. I had a little plastic tote already that the 8 bottles (7 kids and mine) fit perfectly in. I can fill the bottles in the morning, stick the tote in the fridge, and grab it when we go outside or go for a walk. The kids love it and I'm loving it too.

Some other great deals I've found on the Wal-mart clearance aisle: A couple of years ago, I found the nice pocket folders (the ones I usually won't buy because they are not 5 cents at the start of school) for 2 cents each! This would have been a better bargain had I not spilled something all over them and ruined them. Last year, I found some really nice calendars that I bought to give as Christmas gifts. I also found 35 mm disposable cameras for $1 there last fall. Well, I thought they were disposable. Turned out they weren't. They came pre-loaded with film, but they could be re-used! I used some as Christmas gifts and kept a couple for when my kids wanted a camera for something.

The bottom line when you're doing any kind of shopping, even if it's on the clearance aisle, at the thrift store, or at garage sales: Make sure you have a real use or need for what you're getting. Don't just get it because it's on sale. Even if it's super cheap, you're just wasting money and space on stuff you don't really need and will probably end up throwing away (or spilling something on) later.


Mom Thumb said...

I love when you can get stuff you need cheap. We needed some things for the business a couple of months ago and Staples was having a great back to school sale. We got binders for 25 cents and folders for a penny. Plus, with a rebate, we got a free box of printer paper!

KiddoKare1 said...

That's great, Linda! I missed most of the good sales at Staples this year due to not having a vehicle to get there or not having the money to spend. But that's okay, truth be told, I've probably got enough notebook paper and pencils here to get Tasha through high school. LOL.

Heidi said...

I love that Wal-Mart clearance section, too. I always, always go there to see if I can get anything knocked off of my shopping list at the cheapest price. My family has learned to love blue raspberry "American Idol" Poptarts. It's hilarious!
Good fodder .. thanks for the tips!

KiddoKare1 said...

Yum, blue raspberry pop-tarts, I think I could learn to love those too. LOL.