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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Counting my blessings

Yeah, I know, I've been MIA again. If you follow my other blog Cruising with Coupons, you may already know I was down with a super bad head cold last week.

Last night my sweet husband said to me possibly the most romantic thing ever. He told me "Everyday when I count my blessings, you're number 1 on the list".

So today that has me thinking about blessings.

Tom, you're #1 on my list too!

A few others:
My 4 kids (I always count my son-in-law as a kid now)
Grandbaby that's on the way
Extra days off due to the weather. I had two days off in the last week due to the bad weather. The first one (last Thursday), I was able to sleep all morning and take it easy all day and I think that's what finally got me over the hump on the cold. The second one (Tuesday), I was able to finish up our taxes so that I could get my youngest daughter's FAFSA done.

There isn't enough time or space here to share all of my blessings, but I'm curious. Have you counted your blessings lately?

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