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Monday, January 21, 2013

We are so blessed

Last night on the way back from church, I hit a cow and really did a number on our car. You know, our only car.So why am I posting today that we are blessed?

Well, number one, no one was hurt. Not Tom, not the two boys in the back seat, and not me. I was covered from head to toe in glass from the driver's side window shattering and didn't have a cut on me. I am sore, but not unbearably so.

Number two, before 9:00 last night, 4 people from church had offered us a car to borrow plus our oldest daughter offered to let us borrow hers! The first person that called brought the car right over so Tom had a way to work this morning.

Number three, we have full coverage insurance. So it will either pay for the repairs or if it's totaled, we'll get the money to find something else. And our deductible on that car was only $250.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the cow. It walked away. There wasn't even any blood or hair on our car. My son made the comment "Well of course not, Mom. That cow probably weighed more than your car" LOL.

Am I stressed out? You bet. Am I still shaken up? Yes. Did I dream about cows last night? LOL, yes.  But mostly I feel peaceful and blessed. God is good. All.The.Time!

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Brenda Salladay said...

So glad that everything is working out and that you all are okay!!