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Friday, January 11, 2013

And life happens

Last Saturday, Tom woke up running a high fever, coughing, chills, aches, and generally feeling like poo. We ended up gong to the ER on Sunday only to be told that since the flu is a virus, they couldn't really do anything. They did give him a prescription for some cough medicine. He stayed home Monday (his fever finally broke late Sunday) and has been able to work the rest of the week, although he's been pretty run down. So far (thanks to mega-prayers, I am sure), I have stayed healthy other than fighting a cold (but no fever, aches, etc). I am grateful for that since it was a busy week; I had somewhere to go Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

So all that to say, I haven't had much time to think/work on goals this week. But I am setting some now for the weekend.

By Monday, I will have:
made a budget for the rest of this month
made a menu for next week

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