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Friday, April 20, 2012

Eating Healthier

I am feeling like the exercise is a habit now. I've done it through being sick with a cold back in February, I've done it when my back hurts, and when I've been super tired (like this morning). So now Tom and I are working on eating healthier. Earlier this week, I wrote an Examiner article about using the "Choose my Plate" program (the new Food Pyramid) as a way to have a healthy and frugal lifestyle. I have heard so many people talk about how it is more expensive to eat healthy and I believed that too. I'm only a week into it so I am not really sure yet. But I will say this, I'm learning than when I eat healthy foods (like whole grains and vegetables, etc.), I fill up faster and do not eat as much. I've also been looking at the actual serving sizes for stuff rather than just eating it willy-nilly. So earlier this week when we had Tuna Helper for supper, I looked and the serving size was 1 cup. I didn't think that sounded like much, but after I put it on my plate, I realized it was a pretty big helping. With that, we had baked yellow squash (which we both loved!) and fresh strawberries. There was enough tuna helper left that I was able to enjoy it the next two days for lunch. I have been doing that alot lately at supper, eating a smaller amount and saving the rest for my lunch the next day. My fasting blood sugars in the mornings this week have been awesome, anywhere from 86 to 137. (the 137 one was this morning and I think that the Sonic in Stillwater last night may have given me regular cherry instead of diet because it spiked after I drank that). A big victory was Tuesday night when we had our VBS training clinic at church. We were having snacks after and that is always hard, especially since I knew there would be lots of sweets there. I prayed to make healthy choices all day and asked Tom and another friend to pray for me. That night, I chose cheese and crackers and a few pretzels. AND our pastor told all the people that didn't win a door prize (of which I was one) that they could take home the extra VBS theme snacks, but I didn't even stop and look at the table. I am hopeful and praying that this new lifestyle will help Tom and I on our journey out of debt because I believe that feeling well makes it easier to be in control of your finances. Keep up the prayers, I know they are helping!


Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT!!!! Keep going and writing because it helps others that are struggling with some of the same stuff!!

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks Brenda and I will! :)