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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Any movement is good movement

Tom said something last night that got me thinking. He thinks that for exercise to do any good, it has to get your heart rate up. I suppose that's true to a certain extent. But my theory is, any movement is good movement. I can't do anything to get my heart rate up if I don't get up and get moving in the first place. I think this is what burns alot of people out on exercise or scares them away from starting in the first place, the fear that it has to be done a "certain" way. Do I want to lose weight? Well, hello, look at me. Of course I do. But you know, more than that, i want to FEEL GOOD!

What benefits have I seen from my morning walks?

1. My blood sugar has been lower.
2. I feel better.
3. My energy is better throughout the whole day just from that 10 minute walk. That leads to burning more calories (cause I move more throughout the day).
4. It gives me time to think. I get alot of ideas for my writing while I"m out walking.

Yesterday, I walked a little further. I plan to continue adding a little more distance each week or so. But for now, I'm happy to just be up and moving!


Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

I think you are definately right on!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!!

Honestly, it's hard to get myself motivated to exercise as well. But once I can convince myself to just get out of the house, I instantly remember how good 'moving' makes me feel.

One thing that helps me a lot (and helps your body too) is to switch up your routine. Me? I am NOT a runner! Jogging on the treadmill is okay, but it's boring! Let's be honest!
So when I came back here, I started to ride my bike? Why? I felt bad that dad bought it for me for school and I rode it twice. What have I benefited from it though? I love it! I enjoy riding around and looking at things and I'm already doing almost 6.5 miles on my third ride!

So I guess this long paragraph just means it's good to switch things up. Walk different routes. Change up your pace...speed walk for 10 minutes then normal walk for 5, then 70% for 10 minutes, etc. It keeps your body off-guard and makes your workouts less boring...

Hope that helps!!!

KiddoKare1 said...

Thank you Brenda! Thanks for the ideas, Hiley. And I am so impressed with your bike riding!