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Thursday, May 5, 2011

God cares about the little details

It never ceases to amaze me how much God cares about the little details of my life. Some examples from yesterday:

I filled one of the upcoming openings in my child care with an 11 month old on Tuesday evening (praise God!) and realized yesterday that I really needed to get another attachable high chair. I looked an Amazon and E-bay. I really wanted one similar to the one I already had, I purchased it at a garage sale thirteen years ago and it is still in awesome shape. However, I guess they don't make them anymore. I could only find used ones on E-bay and they were crazily priced (like buy-it-now for anywhere from $60 to $100!!!!). I found some attachable ones on Amazon, but they were mostly cloth covered and I prefer vinyl since it cleans up better. Anyway, so I posted on Facebook, Freecycle, and a sales site that I am on that I was looking for an attachable high chair, but didn't specify what kind I wanted. Within an hour or so, I got a reply that someone had one and I went by to pick it up last night. It was EXACTLY what I wanted and it was free. WOW! Thank you God!

Then I went to Walgreen's and United and did some shopping. Walgreen's was out of some of the stuff I wanted, but I still found some good deals:

Dawn dishwashing liquid: 99 cents with a WG coupon, plus I had 25 cent off coupons, got 3 of those.

Bounty paper towels, $1.29 with a WG coupon plus I had 25 cent off coupons, got 3 of those.

Excedrin PM, on sale for 2.99, and I had a $2 off coupon

Gilette ProFusion Glide razor, on sale for 9.89. I had a $4 off coupon plus it had a $5 Register Reward.

Then I also had $8 in Register Rewards to use from a previous visit. Because I had so many coupons, I had to buy 4 Laffy Taffys (at 15 cents each) to be able to use my Register Rewards, LOL. My total for all of that ended up being $6.52 and I got the $5 Register Reward from the razors.

Then we headed over to United. They had Coke products on sale and Tasha needed a case of Sprite for the senior trip next week. We got a case of Sprite, a case of Diet Dr. Pepper ($10), and a free 12 pack of Fanta , 2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce for $1, a package of Kraft cheddar cheese slices for $1.49, and three 2 liters of Sprite Zero for 89 cents each (to make sugar free punch for Tasha's graduation party in a couple of weeks).

Then a big detail that God cares about! We had sent a letter to the credit card company that is suing us explaining our situation and some of the circumstances and asked for a monthly payment arrangement of $50. We got a bill from them yesterday with a monthly payment of $75, so it seems they are going to work with us. $75 is doable! Now if we can just get something worked out with the other one.

So if you have ever wondered if God cares about the little details in your life, look very closely and you will see that He does!


Ann said...

What an awesome day!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Di said...

I am so happy for you. you deserve some good news! and you are doing amazing on the shopping!

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks Ann! Thanks Di! On the shopping, I can see how those people become addicted and start hoarding all that stuff. LOL. But I'm having a good time collecting stuff for Josh and Tasha when they move out and for us to have here.