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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wow, am I glad April is over!

This has been one of those months where I have had something going on almost non-stop! I am so glad it is over! May will be busy too, but hopefully not quite as. BUT...I have a big evaluation coming up in my daycare in June so I have to start, I mean getting ready for that.

Walgreen's didn't have much that I was interested in this week, but I did get some good bargains at United and Wal-Mart. First let me say that I decided to start a basket of cleaning and personal supplies for Josh and Tasha for when they move out in the next few months using things I get cheap with coupons. Those kinds of things can really add up when you're first starting out on your own. If I start now, I should have them a pretty good stash when they leave. Just this weekend I got them Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (for 1.50 each with coupons), Lysol cleaning wipes (on clearance and with a coupon came to 90 cents each), Lysol all purpose cleaner with a spray trigger, $1.50 with a coupon. And I got some Tide travel sizes for their laundry using coupons. The lady at Wal-Mart wasn't too happy about that, you would have thought that 35 cents was coming straight out of her check! Good grief! The coupon didn't specify a size and didn't exclude trial or travel size so I was allowed to use it, but she sure didn't like it! Anyway for us, we also got some tortilla chips and Quaker granola bars on clearance at United tonight and some Jeno's pizzas for 79 cents, which make for great quick supper when things are crazy. Some of the pizzas have $1 off 4 Totino's pizzas which I can use when I see them go on sale.

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