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Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Week Gone

I cannot believe another week has gone by! I haven't felt real well most of this week. Don't know if it had to do with the late night blood sugar crash on Monday or if I've had a touch of what Tom's had. Anyway, I did get up and exercise MTW which wasn't perfect, but more than I had been doing. Tom and I picked Monday evenings to listen to the Dave Ramsey CD's and work through the workbook. Oh! And Tom and I were able to get tickets to see Dave Ramsey on February 19th in OKC. A girl from church had bought them but couldn't go so she sold them to us. She got them when they first went on sale and were only $9 each (compared to $39 regularly).

My washer pipes and drain are frozen again. I sure hope that they thaw out before the next big freeze next week!

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