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Monday, January 31, 2011

More on Changing my Attitude

Another thing I've been working on the past few weeks is not letting other people's moods affect my own. Just because my teenager is cranky, it doesn't mean I have to let it get to me. Just because a child in my care is cranky doesn't mean I have to let it get to me. Now obviously, this is easier said than done. A bad mood seems to rub off much easier than a good mood. Ever noticed that? So I've been working really hard at being conscious of it when it happens, taking a deep breath and redirecting my thoughts. Telling myself "I'm sorry they are having a bad day and I wish them well. But I am having a good day!".

This weekend, I told myself that I was going to get up and exercise Monday morning. If I only felt like doing it for 5 minutes, that's all I had to do, but I was going to do it. Since "trying" to do it wasn't working. LOL. So I got up this morning and did my Walk Away the Pounds workout. I did 1/2 mile, so go me! I'm going to do that workout MWF this week and the Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD on Tu/Th this week. I am only going to do 1/2 mile on the walking workout, but it's a start! I haven't exercised at all since my surgery or for several months before. So...GO ME!

In other news, I've continued working on the office and getting it de-cluttered and cleaned up. I also did a detailed vacuuming session yesterday (which was a workout in itself! Phew!).

Finally, my goals for this week:

1. Tom and I discussed listening to our Dave Ramsey CD's and going through the workbook again to "jump start" ourselves. I will talk to Tom and we will pick a day each week to do that.

2. Spend a few minutes each day continuing to work in the office.


Di said...

I understand completely what you are talking about. I have to watch myself when Danny is in a bad mood (usually when he doesn't feel good, has a backache, headache, etc.) or if a customer is rude to me.It is really hard not to take it out on the next customer. I try to talk myself through like you do.

KiddoKare1 said...

Yeah, and it's even harder when it's our spouse, not to let that rub off on us. I don't know about you, but I tend to take it personally, even when it isn't!

Di said...

Yep, I do. Even after 35 years together, I still get my feelings hurt when he snaps! Even if he apologizes right after.