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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Years & 125 Days and More Updated goals

To continue my post about my goals for the next month:

Spiritual: I've been getting up earlier every morning, not just to exercise, but to do my prayer time and Bible Study. I will continue doing that. I'm pretty good at doing it Monday-Friday, but since my routine is different on the weekends, I don't do as well. So I will work on that over the next month.

Social: My groups (child care associations and mother's clubs) are all taking breaks for the summer. I'm glad for the break, but will miss hanging out with my friends. Tom & I have a couple we've been hanging out with and having a wonderful time with so I want to make sure that friendship gets nurtured.

Career: My next area of improvement is my outside area. I'd like to make it more fun and interesting to the kids, especially the bigger ones. Send me some good thoughts and prayers as I try to come up with some ideas that won't bust the budget.

That's it on the goals for now. I will keep you posted!

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