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Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 378 and BRRRRRRRRRR!

Oh my goodness! It was so cold and yucky today. It drizzled freezing rain and covered everything with ice and was just generally a nasty day. I am so tired tonight that my brain can barely function and I"m trying to do homework. So I guess I'll focus what brain cells I have on my homework and try to do better tomorrow!

Stay warm!


Mom Thumb said...

Bleh, ugh . . . with a side of yuck.

DI said...

Our central heat at NAPA quit last Monday (Jan.19), and Scott Gibson decided it needs a new heat exchange box(???) and new burners. He ordered a new heat exchange box, and it came in mangled beyond repair, so he ordered another one, and it was worse than the first! It is going to be another week before his supplier has another one, so we are dealing with the 19degree weather with gas wall heaters and an electric space heater. We have it up to 60 in the office!

KiddoKare1 said...

LOL, Linda! NO kidding!

Oh my goodness, Di. YUCK! What terrible timing. I hope it gets fixed soon.