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Monday, November 2, 2009

Days 665-668 and frustrations

First of all, Women of Faith was wonderful. It's always so much fun and so uplifting and I really needed it. Also, I got a rough draft of my 30 page capstone paper done before I left so that was awesome. Now I'm waiting on feedback on the paper.

Today however had been frustrating. I have a family with two kids who cannot afford to pay me for this week. There is a lot to the situation, none of which I can post here. Although my heart goes out to them for what they're going through, as you know, we're going through a lot too and I just cannot afford to lose two kids or their income. I gave the parents the option of taking this week off from bringing the kids and not having to pay me and then I guess we'll go from there. I may be looking to fill spots again. Just pray for us.

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