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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 591 and time to grab those boot straps and start pulling!

Well, it is time to get over myself and my pity party and move on. Sometimes it's okay to feel sorry for yourself, but not for long. Does not do any good in the long term, right?!

A confession: We have been spending too much money (again!) eating out. That has got to stop NOW! We have even been in the habit of Tom going and getting he & I some lunch every Friday when he's off. No more of that, either! We have done great this week, we have not eaten out since last week. I've got meals planned for the next several days so we can keep it up.

I have been a major slacker on getting a budget done each month. A new month is just around the corner so I am going to get a budget done for September and Tom & I will have a budget meeting.

We have got to generate some extra income to get our emergency fund built back up. I'm putting the word out that I still have openings. We are going to try to sell some stuff, either by having a garage sale, listing it on sale sites, or whatever else we can come up with. We are also tossing around some side business ideas. If anyone has any ideas for generating extra income, we'd love to hear them.

That's all for today!


Mandy said...

First off ebay is my best friend lol I also use craigslist or that enid (like freecycle) to sell stuff. I have a site that I use through amazon to do random jobs and make a bit of extra money. Its nothing great but I have made over $100 on there. I will send you the link in email :-) We have only ate out once in 2 weeks! I am so proud of myself lol Making a menu is the only way I can do it though.

KiddoKare1 said...

Mandy, I haven't sold anything on ebay since they changed it to where sellers can only leave positive feedback. Have you had any problems? I am still selling books on

Mandy said...

I haven't had many problems, just one where she complained cause she didnt wait on media mail and thought she should have her item in like 2 days, but for as much as i sell I feel like one complaint isnt bad. I sell my books on amazon and usually make more than