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Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 518 and the monster pile of stuff on the desk

The monster pile of stuff on the desk has got much smaller over the last few days! Thanks to only having one child on Friday and two today, I actually felt like getting a few things accomplished. I even got several months of receipts logged. I've got other things I need to do, but progress is progress, right?

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


Di said...

Yeah for you! A little at a time is all you can expect to do. After all it didn't all get piled there at once, did it?

Mandy said...

I actually cleaned off my bathroom cabinet this week. It was a nightmare (ask mom lol) I felt so accomplished when it was done though, so keep it up its worth it :-)

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks Di & Mandy. Of course, as my daughter so tactfully reminded me, I've cleaned it all up before and it just gets messy again. Where does she get that tact from, anyway? LOL.