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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Days 480 & 481 and a space case

Well, I totally spaced out posting the blog yesterday. No good reason, just spaced it out.

Today did not work out exactly as I had planned. First of all, I had planned to sit in the recliner with a book all day. A book that "I" wanted to read! LOL. Anyway, then I found out I had to take some stuff to Serenity in Norman. Then I found out I needed to take Tasha to the wildlife refuge for a meeting about her summer job at 2:30, so I couldn't even leave for Norman until then. I had a low front tire so I went to the Co-op this morning to get it fixed. Since I was going to be driving to Norman today I asked them to check the other tires and make sure they were okay. They said the back ones would need to be replaced soon. Well, we had a blow-out on the way to the wildlife refuge! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To top it off, the other mom and kids that were going rode with us, so we were all stranded. We started changing the tire, but one of the lug nuts was stripped and the stupid hub cap key thing kept slipping and we could not get those two nuts off! Finally, I called our preacher and asked if he could come help us. Then a good Samaritan stopped to help. He got the tire off and was getting the spare on just as the preacher got there. The preacher had brought an air tank which was good because the spare was low. So we were on the road again, went to the meeting and made it back home safely. Obviously we're not taking the van to Norman tonight. Tom needed his car so I have to wait until tomorrow morning and run to Norman and take Serenity the stuff. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my mother's day. I'm having a huge pity party for myself right now. Anyone else want to come?


Mom Thumb said...

Oh my gosh, what an ordeal. Glad you are okay. I hope you have a happy Mother's Day with no more mishaps. I'm sharing Mother's Day with Randy's birthday.

Di said...

WOW! You guys just cannot catch a break! I am so sorry, but things will get better some day. I love you all!

KiddoKare1 said...

Hope you both had a nice day, Linda!

LOL, Di, I know, right? Craziness! Welcome to my life. Of course the Co-op said they had told me they needed to be replaced soon, so there was nothing they could do. It was about what I expected, though. I just don't think there was anyway he could have REALLY looked them over or he'd have seen where that spot was. He didn't say anything about a huge bald spot on the inside of the tire. Aw well, on the positive side, we have two new tires on the back and two new lugnuts on that tire as well as replacing all those stupid keyed lugnuts. They always drove me crazy anyway.