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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 493 and true confessions

Well, it's time for some confessions! First of all, we have been eating out way too much. Obviously we ate out alot last weekend with being in Norman, but we had been doing it too much before that and we've even done it a couple of times since. So it's time to buckle down and get back on track again. We have also been enjoying Sonic drinks maybe more than we should but since we can usually get them at Happy Hour prices now, I am not going to feel too guilty about it, we just need to be careful. Lastly, I never did a paper budget for May. I will do one for June. I have set a goal of having it done by Wednesday of next week so Tom & I can talk about it.

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Mandy said...

We have been really working on the not eating out thing. Its cheaper and healthier to eat at home. I am just having problems with getting bored and feeling like I make the same stuff over and over. Tonight I had planned on chicken and rice, and john said thats what u always make lol So instead we had frozen pizzas. Its not homemade but it was still not eating out lol