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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 488 and so incredibly grateful

Yesterday afternoon at about 3:48 p.m., I got the phone call that made my heart drop to my feet, the phone call that no parent wants to hear: "your child has been in an accident". Especially when that child is 2 hours away. Our oldest child was in an accident in OKC yesterday afternoon. Praise God, she is fine, other than being very, very sore, and having a cut on her left shoulder. Both driver's side windows and the back window shattered, the entire driver's side was caved in, and well...she is one incredibly lucky young lady. Poor girl had to sit in the car for 40 minutes before an ambulance even got there (the tow truck for the vehicle made it before the ambulance!) Anyway, we dashed to OKC yesterday evening, found which hospital they took her to (they left her cell phone in the car and we didn't know where she went), then picked up her stuff from her car, took her back to Norman, and got a hotel room there so we would be close by. Then today we helped her find a new car and came home this evening. Keep her in your prayers that she recovers quickly with no complications and that her new car works out okay.

To those of you who knew about what happened, thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers!

I am going to try to post one of the pictures I took of her car with my cell phone.


Di said...

Thank God that Serenity is alive. She is a very lucky girl. You have been incredibly blessed! Our entire family has been blessed. I have always dreaded a call like that, and been fortunate enough to never recieve one. Be sure and send her love from all of us!!!

Chell said...

First off, I am glad she did not get seriously hurt. 40 minutes... not bad for OKC area.

Mom Thumb said...

I'm not a worrier, but I have to say I have nightmares about getting that call. I'm so glad it was not worse. I'll keep her in my prayers.