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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 485 and update on goals

Goal #1: Continue our journey towards financial peace.
Well, we are still muddling along on this one. It seems to be two steps forward and then one or two steps back! As I've mentioned, Tom's job is still at 4 days per week and things usually slow down for me some in the summer. However, we just keep trying, that and praying, that's all we can do.

Goal #2: Get more organized in my home and business.
Yeah, that's not going so well. My goal is to have my office put back into shape by the end of this coming weekend. Then next week, work on catching up book work. Then I"ll set some other goals.

Goal #3: Have a more positive attitude.
Ahem. Well, neither is this one. I guess it's just a process. Noone feels happy all the time, do they? I haven't been remembering to write in my joy journal and I sure did not remember to read it when I was feeling cranky the last few days. So here's a reminder to myself about that!

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