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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 463 and a book review

One of my child care families gave me a Hasting's gift card for Christmas. One of the books that I bought with it was called The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers and was about Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and always loved him. I finally got around to reading the book and finished it a few days ago. This book was wonderful. It was written by a friend of his who met him when she interviewed him for a TV program. I found the book very powerful and thought provoking and well...just sweet. I have sent the book to a friend to read, but if you can find a copy and like to read, I highly recommend it! The author is Amy Hollingsworth and this is her website: It looks like she has another book out, too.

Another book that is getting alot of attention right now is called The Shack. My Sunday school teacher gave me a copy to read, but it will be May 8th before I have a chance to read it. I'll share my thoughts on it after I read it.

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