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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 461 and some thoughts

This morning we went to church. I was in the nursery for services so missed the first of the revival sermons, sort of. I could hear most of it through the speaker in the nursery. That was a blessing. The last few times I've been in there the speaker has not been working and we couldn't hear anything from services. After church, there was a dinner and we stayed to eat. Then we came home and I worked on homework for a while and then took a short nap. I am really trying to take care of myself a bit more and rest. I think I am running myself into the ground. Prior to getting sick this last time with bronchitis, I had not been sleeping well for several weeks. So I was overtired and my defenses were down. I have been sick more times than I can count in the last several months with colds, bronchitis, sinus troubles, and two stomach bugs. That does not even count all the time I just have not felt well for no apparent reason. I am just not sure how to feel good again.

Because of revival services, there is no Financial Peace class tonight. Classes will resume next week. It's almost time to head back for evening services so guess I better close this up. Hope everyone has a great week!

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