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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 458 and the 4 day work weeks

Well, still no sign of Tom's 4 day work weeks ending. We're well into the 4th month of it now. I am incredibly grateful that he has a job and still has his benefits. But with school ending in just a few weeks, I'm a little nervous. My income generally goes down in the summer. So I'm going to pray for some peace and God to work things out.

The EF has taken quite a beating lately. I used it for my Urgent Care visit and medicine. Then we've been hearing squirrels in our attic, so we had Tom's friend come and fix where we thought they were getting in and that knocked another chunk out of it. But once again, I am incredibly grateful for it! It has been a huge blessing for us.


Di said...

Squirrels in the attic??? What about bats in the belfry??? (That was from Danny....LOL) I hope things get better for you all soon. I know it gets very frustrating for you.......

KiddoKare1 said...

Yeah well, it's life, ya know. LOL. As for bats in the belfry. Well, probably. LOL.