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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 457 and using it up

Several weeks ago, I bought several cans of Campbell's "natural" tomato soup with basil. I LOVE tomato soup and thought it would make a good quick lunch for me. Well apparently, it's the preservatives that I like because I did not care that much for the soup. LOL. It was just toooooo strong on the basil or something. LOL. Anyway, I debated about what to do with it. Take it back? Freecycle it? Well, I decided to try a can of it in my next batch of Surprise soup. It was very good! The other flavors with it made it taste really yummy and it was a way to use it up. I love being able to do stuff like that. It makes me feel good.

If you haven't heard of my Surprise Soup, this is what I do. I keep a container in the freezer and anytime I have a few leftover veggies, I drain them and toss them in the container. When we have roast, I add extra carrots and potatoes just for the leftovers. I cut up leftover roast and put it in the freezer (along with any leftover gravy). Then I toss it all in the crockpot, season it up, and I have "Surprise Soup". Sometimes I use tomato juice with the roast, or a can of tomato soup. Sometimes I just use brown gravy mix and water. You can also do this with leftover chicken, you just want to use base flavors that are complimentary with chicken such as chicken broth or something. Add some kind of bread or cornbread or something and it makes a yummy cheap meal.

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