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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 422 and I'm dreaming of Easter eggs

So last night at our club meeting we kicked off the insanity that is known as our annual Easter egg hunt. LOL. Seriously, we started stuffing eggs for the community wide Easter egg hunt. The last few years, we have done over 4,000 eggs. That is a lot of eggs. I think we're getting faster though, last night we stuffed almost 2000! It is really a lot of fun to sit there and stuff eggs and visit with my friends. I'm just glad that Easter only comes once a year!

We started an envelope for Tom's car repair. It's up to $130. That has kind of slowed down the EF progress though, it has stalled out at $240. But there has not been much put in it the last couple of weeks with the trips to Granite and OKC, so hopefully we can get back on track with that. Plus I will get my REWARD check soon and I can put some of it in both envelopes to give them a little bit of a boost.

Tomorrow I"ll try to do an update on how my 2009 goals are doing.

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