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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 388 and this crazy weather

A little over a week ago, we were covered in ice with sub-zero temperatures. Then it warmed up Friday, got cold again the first of the week and today we're at 70 degrees! We barely needed our jackets when I took the kids outside this morning and I'm sure we won't need them this afternoon. Is this weirdness or what? Not that I am complaining, mind's a whole lot easier to get through the winter with a house full of kids when we get some nice days and get to run outside.

Tomorrow, we'll pay off our vehicle loan! It had both the van and the car on it and it was through American General Finance. Not only will that save us $256 a month, if we drop the van from complete coverage to liability, that will save us an additional $18 a month. We'll probably keep the car at full coverage since it's newer and Tom drives it back and forth to work. We plan to start putting that money aside to replace the van. We've had it 10 years and it's almost 13 years old and has over 160,000 miles on it. First we'll probably save up to buy something for Tasha to drive when she gets her license this summer (we had an extra vehicle when Josh and Serenity were driving before they bought their own). Then she can get a job and save up to buy her own. I just praise God that I filled my spots right about the time Tom's hours got cut so that we were able to finish paying that note off. What a blessing!

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