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Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 299 and more about Christmas

Looking for ways to get organized this Christmas? You can go to They have a Christmas countdown. You can go to the Flylady site linked at the bottom of my page. Flylady has a free Christmas control journal that you can download and print off. It's about halfway down the main page. I've tried to follow these and never seem to do very well. But I'm going to try again this year. I am trying to be organized.

My favorite part on Flylady's Christmas section is the clutter free gift ideas. There are great gift ideas there, including some ideas for teenagers. The thing I usually do for the teenagers in my family is gift cards to Wal-mart, and for one of them, Sonic.

What are your creative or clever gift ideas? I can't share some of mine since some of my readers are who I bought for. LOL. But some of them are: for Sara, my youngest great-niece, I got a couple of infant toys. For Hailee, I got a Santa Claus floor puzzle, crayons and coloring book, bath paints, and two packages of magnetic letters.

Looking forward to hearing other ideas. Tomorrow, another update on the lotion experiment!


Mom Thumb said...

I do little gift bags with a jar of jam or jelly, a jar of hot pepper relish and maybe a candle or a picture frame from the dollar store. Those are good to send to out of town people. Last year Jess and I made a bunch of cookies and candy and she got some inexpensive tins to put them in and that was her gifts to her friends. When you're a broke college kid, you have to get creative!

KiddoKare1 said...

Yum, Linda! I wish I had learned how to can. One of those things that I never was interested in doing until I got older and now I'm too chicken!