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Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 295 and that wonderful emergency fund!

I just cannot express how grateful I am for the emergency fund. As I mentioned yesterday, the leak came back under the house, and Tom had an unrepairable flat on his car. So today, I called around to some plumbers and got ahold of one who could come out today. They got here around 12:15 or so, fixed the problem, and were gone by 1:00. It was only $91, we were afraid it was going to be much worse. Thankfully, it was a fairly easy fix and should keep it from happening again (at least in that area, LOL).

For the tire, I called the Co-op and they had a tire in stock, but of course it's hard for me to get up there before they close and Tom doesn't get home until after they close either. I called Tom's dad to see if he might could take it up there and get it changed, but he was in Enid. He said he could do it tomorrow morning if I couldn't get it done today. Then he called later and Tom's stepmom offered to go do it when she got off work. Wasn't that so nice?

So...the leak is fixed, the tire is changed, and the EF is $163 lighter. But what a blessing to have it, what a blessing to have friends and family who can & will help us out.

If you're in this area and you ever need a plumber, I definitely recommend All Season's Plumbing. They were prompt, polite, and reasonably priced. They were also very respectful of my kids who were sleeping and they kept the noise down. I really appreciated that!


Mom Thumb said...

Thank God for the EF - you've actually gone awhile without having to use it!

Di said...

I am really glad for you. That emergency fund has been such a blessing. I feel like you have really learned from the class you took, and been able to apply it to your life. Congratulations.

KiddoKare1 said...

Yes, we had gone a few weeks without using it, Linda.

Di, it has been an incredible blessing.