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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 260 and I guess my problem is solved

Well, I guess my problem is solved, but it has created another one. LOL. I now have two full-time openings in my child care program. I plan to offer the spots to my two drop-ins first and then go from there. Honestly, it's a relief to at least know where things stand.

My back and shoulder are doing better today and I even exercised this morning! Go me! They still hurt but nothing like on Saturday. Poor Tom broke a toe yesterday and he chose to skip the exercising. He stubbed it on the little couch in the book corner. I felt so bad!

Please pray that my openings are filled soon! Have a great week! The weather was gorgeous today!


Mom Thumb said...

Oh, poor Tom! I broke my toe in June (picture on the blog) and it was painful. It will never be straight again.

Hope your back is better.

KiddoKare1 said...

Tom said last night that his toe felt better, but still hurt. I've broken toes before too and it is painful!

My back is doing much better, thank you. It still twinges a bit when I turn my head, but it's getting better everyday.