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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 195 and vacation is nearing an end

Wow, this week has been great, but it's almost over! Why does time off always go by so fast? At any rate, I actually managed to relax and enjoy myself and not obsess too much about "everything I needed to get done" and Tom managed not to obsess too much about work.

We brought back a van load of Serenity's stuff yesterday. We brought it all in and put it in the living room last night and we've been taking it upstairs a bit at a time. The kid sure has a lot of stuff!

Still waiting on Josh's car. The head is at a machine shop to be resurfaced (pray that it's all it needs!) and then it will all have to be put back together.

Oh, and a praise! I have my two full-time spots filled! I'm going to contact the other mom I interviewed with and ask her if she's interested in a drop-in spot and I've got someone else interested in a drop-in spot (these would be while my two school-agers are in school).

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