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Friday, May 25, 2012

Making Progress: debt update

Well, I haven't updated our debts in a while. Yesterday, we were able to settle another credit card one, so that puts us down to two credit cards. They are big ones, so they'll take a while to get paid off.

We are down to around $250 on the 2007 tax bill and all the tax portion is paid off so it should quit accumulating interest. The 2006 tax bill is still up in the air. I haven't got another bill since I made the payment last month and I don't know if they've ever corrected it. I need to call them, but as you can imagine, making phone calls during the day here is almost impossible. I'll be adding the $25 from the credit card we settled yesterday to the 2007 tax bill and God willing, that will be paid off by July. Then that money will roll onto the 2006 tax bill, and so on. Let's get that debt snowball rolling!!!!

$200 towards student loans
$118.02 + $75 towards our Napa bill (PAID!!!!)
$386.78 towards our 2007 tax bill
$125 towards our 2006 tax bill
$300 towards one credit card
$345 towards one credit card (settled in full-so PAID!!!!!!)
$75+388.26 towards one credit card (settled in full-so PAID!!!!!!)
$200 towards one credit card
$400 towards our Bass hospital bill
Bass physician’s bill $35.50
$18.80+26.91 for  doctor bills
$1077.27 towards our house
$333.36 for 2011 real estate taxes
$340 for 2011 Oklahoma income taxes

For a total of: $4444.90


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Great! It sounds like you are making progress! That is all you can ask for.