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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update to tax situation

As I told you in True Confessions #1, I have not paid our state taxes in several years and we got letters about 2006 and 2007 back in December. Since then we've been working on getting the situations remedied.

We got all the paperwork requested turned in for 2007 and have a payment arrangement on it. We made our first payment on it in February. Next one is due on April 11th (they send out billing statements every 45 days. I know, kinda random, but...whatever works for them I guess. LOL).

2006 has been a different story. First I couldn't find the w-2 for that year, so I printed off a copy of it from our computer tax program, but they wouldn't accept it. So Tom went in and talked to someone in his office and got another copy. I faxed it in the first time February 9th, again March 7th, and again yesterday. We got a bill for 2006 (first one we've got for that year) last week and they hadn't taken the 2006 amount we had already paid in off so it's over $1400 with interest and penalties and they want a $240 payment by April 11th. When I called about having sent the papers in last week, I was told that I needed to go ahead and pay and not wait for them to fix it because it would be sent to collections if a payment wasn't received.Apparently 2011 stuff is taking priority right now and they won't be processing the stuff I sent them anytime soon. Even though I've sent in everything they asked for. I know that we're in this mess because of me and my ostrich tendencies and so now I'm really trying to face it head on and get it taken care of. But oh my goodness, that is so frustrating and upsetting!!!!! After talking to several different people and being told different things, I finally burst into tears with the last one. She asked me to fax the stuff to her and she's going to try to push it on through.

At any rate, I feel a peace that God will work it out for us. Would appreciate prayers about the situation though.

We do owe for this year, but I am planning to pay that out of the REWARD check I'll get this month and Tom has adjusted his withholding so hopefully we will not be in this situation next year.

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