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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading a book: The Power of Coupons

My friend sent me a book that she had bought from the Money Saving Queen who lives in the Tulsa area: The Power of Coupons. This book is great and I highly recommend it! Not only does it have great information about coupons, her story is very inspirational and has touched my heart.

One of her suggestions is to post Bible verses around your home, so I've been spending part of my naptime today working on doing that. I've posted several in the kitchen area for me to read as I'm working in there throughout the day. If you can, find a copy of her book and read it.

P.S. It really makes me miss double coupon stores. LOL!


Di said...

I had someone tell me that the IGA in Crescent still does double coupons. This person lives in the Waukomis area, so he felt that he saved more with the double coupons that he spent on gas!

Mandy said...

I follow her on facebook and love her.

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks Di! I will check into that. I also found out that Food Pyramid in Ponca City & Stillwater doubles up to 50 cents and there is a Homeland in Perry. I figured when Brenda & I go to Stillwater to speak at VIP panels, maybe we could check out the Homeland in Perry and the Food Pyramid without having to make an extra trip.

KiddoKare1 said...

She is awesome, isn't she Mandy? If you get a chance to read her book, it's incredible! I have to send this one back to my friend or I'd loan it to you.